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About the Author

David Bainbridge author

David Bainbridge grew up in the West, spending his formative years in northern Washington east of the Cascades in a small town where he enjoyed the rivers, mountains, and sage-covered hills. After earning his BA in Earth Sciences at the University of California in San Diego in 1970, he moved north to UC Davis to complete an MS in Ecology in the multidisciplinary Eco-Grad Program. He went on to work on ecological solar design (winning the prestigious Passive Solar Pioneer Award from the American Solar Energy Society), land capability analysis, environmental restoration, entrepreneurship, and true cost accounting. He taught classes on resource management, cultural geography, environmental restoration, and management for the triple bottom line at the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management in San Diego.

The author of 22 books, 20 book chapters, 18 book reviews, and more than 300 reports and articles. He was honored with awards for teaching, scholarship, and service. Several of his books have won awards.

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